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Concho Pearls


For at least 400 years the waterways of West Texas have produced the coveted pink to purple colored Concho pearls. The pearls are found in freshwater mussel shells which live in the area lakes and rivers.

The mystery shrouding a pearl's birth has intrigued civilizations for a millennia, fortifying its reputation as the sovereign emblem of beauty, purity, and wealth. In nature, a pearl is formed when a foreign object enters the mussel shell and cannot be expelled. As protection against the irritant, the mussel coats the object with layers of a fine crystalline substance called "nacre." The West Texas area is one of the few places in the world that produces natural pearls... much less in pink, peach, and purple hues. Legend has it that several items from the Spanish crown jewels contain some of the earliest known examples of the beautifully colored Concho pearls.

Various articles have been written over the years about our Texas pearls. This recent article in Texas Highways is our favorite of late.

Disclaimer: Each pearl is unique with its own color, luster, size, and shape.


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